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Through individual lesson plans, each student receives personal attention based on their academic strengths and weaknesses. Aris Academy uses innovative ways of teaching that differentiate from the standard classroom. At Aris Academy we teach in an engaging manner that makes education fun and exciting while supporting creativity and covering a balanced curriculum. We believe that education should be about learning and not memorization, we encourage our students to ask questions, use critical thinking skills, and teach them the reasoning and logic behind what we learn and the relevancy it has in our modern-day world. 


Aris Academy works with students of all ages. From elementary school to college students, we stay true to our core principles of being fully committed to the betterment of our scholars. Feel free to visit us Monday - Friday from 3PM - 9PM at our Dallas location for walk-in tutoring sessions in all core subjects, up to a sophomore level curriculum. For junior, senior, college, and post-graduate assistance contact us within 48 hours of your desired tutoring session. We’ll be more than happy to pair you up with one of our qualified professionals for a tutoring session at our Dallas location or in-home tutoring. For online and international tutoring, schedule a tutoring session and hear back from us within minutes! Visit our online tutoring page or simply fill out our contact form below to receive more information.   

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